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Connector Panels

Connector Panels

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Create seamless and unique storage systems with the connector panel. Simply remove  an existing side panel(s) from your chosen cabinets and replace with the connector panel.

Arrives flat packed with special ball hex head bit for simple assembly (one per order)

Comes with adjustable levelling feet

Made in Sweden using quality untreated pine (furu) plywood.

  • Ready to ship in 1-3 weeks

Materials and care

  • All our product are made from high quality pine plywood with sustainability always in mind

  • Keep your furniture looking fresh by wiping it down with a dry cloth.

  • Erase away stains or use fine sandpaper for stubborn marks.

  • Enhance durability and simplify maintenance with oil, wax, lacquer, or paint. Totally up to you.

  • To clean unfinished surfaces use a damp cloth. Sand if neccesary with 240 grit sandpaper.

Good to know

  • Use freestanding with included levelling screw feet. Note! To prevent tipping, always anchor furniture to a suitable wall/surface.

  • Their is no limit to how many modules you can join together (using the connector panel), so go crazy!

  • All doors can be flipped to open either from the left or right.

  • Back panels can be used to wall mount (2 holes in each panel). Please note! If you are wall hanging, you are doing so at your own risk. Use appropriate screws depending on wall type. Contact a professional if you are unsure!
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